7 Tips for Network Marketing Success are Here

Here are  7 tips for Network  Marketing  Success  I  have discovered that most successful  leaders in the industry have applied and are still applying to get results that have made them to stand out among the rest. These are not just all, therefore more are to be learned and discovered as time goes on. I promise you are going to enjoy this.

  1. Network Marketing is a Business, Not a Hobby

Our network marketing business should be treated like a business and not a hobby. When it comes to business; business will pay you for your time and efforts spent in building it unlike hobby. Hobby is just doing what you like without hoping for any gain. But when it comes to business you spend time, efforts and money to make it work and everything you put into it will manifest in the result. Therefore our network marketing business should be treated as such.

     2. Time Scheduling

In every thing we do in life we make out time for it. For those of us who are working under employment job, the time we go to work matters a lot knowing the importance of getting there on time so as not to have problem with our boss. Time we take out for vacation is important to us because we appreciate the importance of relaxation to make sure our health is in good shape; just like the time we eat is also important knowing fully well the health implication of not eating on time (ulcer).

 Therefore we as networkers who are serious in building our network marketing home based business should set out time to work on our business daily so that we will be able to achieve our desired results.

  1. Goals Drafting.

As network marketers, goals setting are very import in building our business. Goals are those burning desires in our heart that will plan to achieve in our network marketing business.  These could be long term or short term goals. It could be in form of our monthly income goals or yearly income goals in our business. Goals setting make us to be more focused and mindfully set towards the direction we are going. These should be written down in a paper and follow accordingly with plans to executing  them.

  1. Sponsoring and Recruiting

Sponsoring and recruiting are the most important things in succeeding in network marketing home based business, together with selling our products or services. We have to learn the internet promotional techniques in getting results in these areas. These are where the money is.

Knowing fully well that we make money when we sponsor or sign up new reps or sell our network marketing products or services; efforts and money should be invested in developing the appropriate skills in doing it perfectly to achieve results. This is where personal development comes in. Continuous reading and buying books will help.

 5.     Network Marketing; a game of numbers

Network marketing success is completely dependent on the game of numbers. The closer to your success in network marketing depends on the number of times you have consistently expose your opportunity to people. You will find the right people with continuous exposure and consistency.

 Therefore continuous strategic exposure of our opportunities to people matters a lot which actually pays out when it reaches the right numbers. In this way, we have to focus on  adopting different  methods  in generating leads to the front of our promotional   sales funnels or website/blog.

    6.    Duplication

Network marketing is not just about recruiting people just as I have noticed some people over some times. You may have the right skills in presenting the opportunity, convincing people to join, follow up and the rest. Then what about the people you are recruiting? Can they follow the same steps? Therefore efforts should be made towards teaching them the steps you are using in order for duplication to continue.

If you mainly focus on recruiting without taking care of the people you have recruited or your down lines,  it’s not going to be fun anymore;  this  will always  result to people quitting the business. Therefore, the ability of your down lines to duplicate your effort is one of  the keys to building a long lasting online network marketing home based business.

  1. Building Relationship

What we called attraction marketing (Tim Erwy) should be learned by every networker; this is the ability to always give out without wanting back immediately in exchange of prospects contacts. It’s  a way of building a relationship over a period of time, which pays out either in the short or long run. This helps to foster a relationship of loyal customers who will either buy your network marketing products or join your opportunity.

In this process a front end offers should be created to make everyone make money whether people are joining our opportunity or not. This money takes care of our expenses in form of adverts and other costs of running the business.

  Final Thought

Building a successful online network marketing home based business is not a skyrocket science study, neither is it a statistical estimation or further mathematics we study in schools. It can be done by everyone who is serious in succeeding in the business if he or she is ready to invest in personal develop; It pays a lot.

What are your thoughts or methods you are adopting that are working for you? Please share them with us by using the comment box. And also if what you have found here has been helpful share it with others.

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The Right Time for a Better Result is NOW


I must not forget to say happy Christmas and a Prosperous new year in advance once again to everyone who have  subscribed to my site and  all my readers as well.

You have made my 2014 a successful one in so many  ways. Am grateful and most grateful to you all.

And i will not fail in reaching out to you in ways of giving you THINGS  that will help you in making the right decision in life.

We’re just few days away from the New Year.

This is the particular time in every year, when I think about what I want to achieve next year.

I usually get out a piece of paper and start writing things down.

Almost everyone has New Year’s resolutions. However, most also forget about them quickly.

What I discovered over the years, and I believe it more today than ever before, is that the results you will reap next year are determined by your thinking, planning, and actions you take today and throughout the year.

But action will always comes after the other two.

And the actions you take, or don’t take over the next 12 months are directly correlated to what you decide today.

See, you decide RIGHT NOW what the next 12 months are going to look like for you. Take this quote from the book, Success is Not An Accident;

Success occurs in the lives of specific people for specific reasons. Success is not something that randomly happens to you, it is something you make happen.

If you will invest the time to find out what other people have done to be successful, and then begin doing the same things, you too, in due season, will achieve similar results.”

Most people will agree with me that deep down inside, I think, most don’t really believe they can do it.

Fears, doubts, worry, and dwelling on past failures and defeats keeps them mentally imbalanced and skeptical. While bothering they write down goals just to be disappointed, again?

The plain truth is that if all you do is write them down, put them aside, and continue doing what you’ve been doing before, very little, if at all, will things change.

But here is another quote from the book (Success is Not An Accident) which brilliantly sums it all up…

Success in life comes from one thing: DECIDING exactly what you want to accomplish and then deliberately CHOOSING to invest the minutes and hours of your life doing only those things that move you in the direction of your goals.”

Every minute we have a choice of what to do with our time.
We can spend it, waste it or invest it.

By the way, when you spend time with your family, away from working on your business, that’s an investment as well.

But unless you take the time and get clear about what you want and what you REALLY want, success will be nothing more than a wish for some vague dream.

The very best definition of success I have ever heard is from master sales trainer Tom Hopkins.

And I haven’t seen a better definition since.

Success is the continuous journey towards the achievement of predetermined, worthwhile goals”

So as we get ready to finish this year and head into 2015;

Have you decided exactly what next year is going to look like for you?

Have you set big goals which you want to accomplish in 2015?

Have you made the decision right now, to wisely choose what you will do and what you won’t do in order to stay on track?

And with only few days left in the year 2014, there’s no better time than RIGHT NOW to do this.

So what decision have you taken? What are your plans? What are your plans for the year 2015. The  sooner you start putting things down NOW in your paper the better chances of you getting  better results in the year ahead.

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Tips on MLM Sponsoring and Downlines Handling


Mlm Sponsoring and Downlines Handling are crucial aspect of network marketing home based business that have to be learnt and understood by everyone in the industry in order for us to do it right and get the required result.

Many of us are good at prospecting, presentation and doing all the follow-up to convincing people to sign up; but does it just end there? It is not just enough to recruit as many people as we can into the business then leaving them in the field to feed for themselves then continue the same process on and on again.

We have to take some times to cater for the needs of those we have sponsored into the business so that the rate of people quitting the business when things become complicated to them will reduce. This is because one of the major reasons people quit is as a result of lack of adequate knowledge  on the side of the sponsors or uplines  on how to handle their  downlines in the business.

Knowing fully well that most of these signed -ups may be new to this business model or know just little about it before the came in, we have to hold them by hands and give them all the supports needed to make them achieve success and all the goodies we have shown them in the opportunity. This is a critical lesson we should consider because if they are not making it we as their sponsors are not going to make it as well.

Let us consider the word Sponsoring; the word originated from Greek which means be responsible for something or somebody. Therefore, how does it fit into what we are discussing about in  mlm sponsoring and downlines handling tips ? That is to say that we are responsible for the people we recruit. It is not just about recruiting downlines. It goes a long way to being there for them and show them the ways to do what we are doing in order for duplication and retention to continue.

Then the question now is what are we going to be doing to make sure we make the best result of sponsoring and downlines handling in our mlm business?

  • Let them know the Importance of Planning

It is paramount in mlm business to plan every move we want to make. Planning is a pre- decision taken on how a goal is to be executed and achieved. This is very important in our network marketing business in terms of sponsoring and handling of downlines. After you have sponsored someone teach him or her  how to plan.

Planning could be short-term or long-term planning; this will be like what they are to be doing daily, weekly, monthly to make their business grow ; as well as plans on the income goal they want to achieve every month, yearly and so on. This will put them in the right track and give them the sense of responsibility to know that as much as you are working towards making them to make money it’s their sole responsibility to put in the much needed efforts to make their  business grow.

  • Teach Them All They Need to Know about the Opportunity

In network marketing it is important to teach people you have sponsored into your team the company plans, the products and how it works  as well as how to prospect and sponsor people.

In terms of prospecting and sponsoring people. Teach them Attraction Marketing system. This is a very good marketing formula that has helped most of us in mlm industry; let them know the importance of giving out valuable gifts in exchange for contacts of prospects to building a long-lasting relationship which will eventually lead them (the prospects) to either join the business or becoming customers to their mlm products. The earlier they learn it and practice it the higher the chances that both you and your down lines are going to succeed in the business.

  • Be Caring.

It is important to note the relevant of caring when it comes to mlm business. The people we are sponsoring are like our family members. You have to always keep in touch with them just like you have always been together with your family to cater for their needs. So is it in mlm business. As a sponsor in network marketing it is your responsibility to care for your down lines needs.

You should let them know you have brought them into the business to succeed and at the same time be there for them when they need your help. You should try to make inquiries about their general well-being in terms of their health, family and every move there are making in building their business.

With these they don’t just only see you as a sponsor but as a mentor, guidance and someone dearest to them to really make them achieve success. This will make them to stick to you and build a long-lasting relationship that will not make them to quit.

  • Correct Their Mistakes and Encourage Them

We should understand that in mlm business our downlines are not our helpers or subordinates. They are our Business Partners and therefore should not be treated like helpers or subordinates in a work place.

When they are not doing well it’s  not just for us to chastise or blame them neither are you to give them punishment just like I have seen some uplines doing. We are to correct their mistakes and encourage them. Let them know where they have gone wrong and show them how to make it right. Also let them know the consequences of not doing the right thing in their business.

We should also praise and encourage them when they have done well or doing well. Psychologically we tend to do better and feel motivated when we are praised and encouraged.

Final thought

In as much as we try to do all these,  some people are bound to misbehave and find excuses why they will not to do the right thing. We should not always put in mind that we will always record hundred percent positive results. But average and even 95 percent guarantee are there that with these and more tips we are going to bring to you in this blog we will achieve a success in our network marketing sponsoring and downlines handling

What are your thoughts and views in terms of sponsoring and downlines handling? Share them with us by using the comment box.

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Keys to Success in Network Marketing are Here


We just have to know that network marketing has many keys and principles needed to continuously adopt from time to time in order for us to become successful in the industry. Just like other form of business ventures, we need to follow some certain principles and keys on a continuous basis and doing these with the right approach will surely record the desired success we needed.

Before I proceed further let me not forget to say; “Happy holidays Everyone”. I believed we all are having good time preparing for the yuletide. Well it is really a great and wonderful moment of the year to feel  good  having much more time with the family; taking the kids to visit friends, parks and having fun. This is  good because I, myself cannot help it too.

At the same time while we are enjoying we shouldn’t forget about our business. knowing fully well that we are just about going into a new year. Which is to say we have to re-strategize if the approach we have been using for our mlm business has not been yielding the result we needed. This is really am ample opportunity to sit down and think of ways forward to make things work better. It’s never too late to put things right as to thinks of ways we can do it better to correct our past mistakes and get it right.

Now, what are the keys to success in network marketing business?. Well while having good time with my family preparing for Christmas I have just decided to come up with some of these major keys which I believed if well applied   are some of  the keys to success in Network Marketing. I believe you are gonna enjoy these. So the followings are some of the major keys to success in network marketing;

  • Full Perspective of Network Marketing

Having full perspective of whatever we are doing is an important key if we are to succeed in that field. You cannot just venture into a business without full understanding of the basic things you need to know and do . So it  is in network marketing business.

Some people before they came into network marketing think it is a kind of salary job where they have to be pushed by their bosses and be given orders on what to do.When you are in network marketing you don’t wait for orders because you are building your own business and financial freedom through a chain of business partners whom are your down lines and are the same time building theirs too, through your supports.

So there is no time to wait for anybody to instruct you or tell you what to do before doing it. In mlm business you are your own boss; your mlm company CEO(s) are not your boss neither are you working for them. They are just there as the vehicle to achieve your dreams. You have to learn how to do it and how others who have succeeded in the same line are doing it that have made them to reach where they are. And this can be done by anchoring with a mentor, continuous research and reading related materials in the field.

  •  Have a Set Goal in Mind

A goal is that burning desire that motivates you and keep you going in everything you are doing. Whether you are facing challenges in your business it is your goal that will keep you pushing on.You must have a set goal; that this is what I want to achieve in my mlm business therefore no matter what I face I must make it a dream come through.

Network marketing is not a get rich quick business. It takes time to build a successful mlm business. You cannot just come in today and pull out cash tomorrow. And  in mlm business there is a lot of money and life styles when you are getting it right. Moreover, it is a kind of business model that teaches many things that you cannot learn from other form of businesses, such as communication skill, diplomatic approach, discipline, socialization etc.

Therefore the above are what we all are working towards and if there is so much this business can give us in return it worth giving it whatever it requires to make it work. No successful business man or woman on earth will tell you it has been so easy. It is that goal in mind that fuel you towards success even as you pass through the rough roads in making sure  it works for you. So to succeed in your mlm business you must have a specific goal; a burning desire that motivates you and as you do you will surely   build a successful mlm home based business.

  • People are Number One

People are number one in network marketing. You must put people first in every step you are taking to building your mlm business. It doesn’t just have to be you and you alone. Remember that to succeed in mlm business you need people therefore all your actions should be geared towards giving them the best.

You must strategize to give your best to helping people both those in your team and the people buying your products as well as your potential prospects who may later join your business or become customers to your products. It is when you give out without wanting back immediately you succeed; that is the law of nature. Network marketing is about helping others to succeed by consistently giving them all the supports so that when they are succeeding you will as well be succeeding.

Therefore, if you must sponsor people into your team or have them to buy your mlm products it is paramount to continue on a consistent basis to provide them with all the supports they need; these could be in the area of health, training, materials and necessary tools to make them succeed and as you do you are not only build a trust with them but will also build a strong relationship that will make them to be attracted to you which eventually will give you the desired success in your mlm business.

  • Attitude

Attitude towards our mlm business matters a lot. You must cultivate the right attitude towards every moves and steps you are taking to building your mlm business. It is not just what you say; let me just try it since others are doing it, this can lead to failure.

You most cultivate the right attitude of giving it what it takes. You cannot just spend most of your time on TV shows toning from one channel to the other or time on friends who are adding no value to you life and expect success in your mlm business.

There is time for everything, I don’t mean you wouldn’t turn up you TV set to watch news and other important documentaries or chase away your friends no. But most of your time should be geared toward devising means and ways to make your business successful.

As we all know mlm can be done both on full time or part time bases and be successful. All you just need to do is to make out time and what you are going to be doing on a continuous bases to make it work. Set out time for each activity and follow it up and as you do you will surely record succeed in your mlm business

  • Persistence

Persistence is a very important key to succeeding in mlm business. Persistence mean never give up in what you are doing. This is a major key to success in network marketing and it is a key characteristics people who have failed in mlm business lacked. They lacked that ability to be persistent. As far as am concerned and have learnt in this industry; there is no failure in mlm business the only failure I noticed in mlm business is giving up; It was when I realized this I started giving my business the approach it needed.

Some people just give up immediately when they about to succeed; this is awful. Network marketing is a game of numbers. You can’t just tell the number you have to reach to meet someone who will say yes. You just have to keep on prospecting; reaching as many people as you can and you will surely get the right people.

You might have reached   99 numbers of noes and give up thinking is not working for you but not knowing that the number 100 is just what you will reach to record yes and that number one prospect that made up the 100 could just turn out to be your star distributor in your team that will turn your business around.This is what network marketing is all about. It is a game of numbers and those who persist and play around the numbers make it.

Final thought

The process of learning these keys and working it out to make it work for you is not a mathematical process or some kind of statistical estimations or calculations we study in schools, neither is it a kind of aeronautic studies . It is a simple process any one can learn and succeed. All we just need is a mentor, a guidance, more continuous study based upon implementation. With these you will surely record success in your mlm business.

What are your views or keys to success in network marketing that have been working for you? You are welcome to share them with us by leaving a comment in the comment box. Thank you.








Tips for Generating Traffic to Your MLM blog are Here

Last time we discoursed about some of the ways to build our mlm business online using blog. Now I have come up with some of the tips for generating traffic to our mlm blog which I believed you will find useful and interesting.

We all must agree with me that traffic generating is  the core aspect of running our mlm business or any other business we are running online. It is possible to have good blog or website; with the finest design and every other thing in place and yet there is no one knowing about its existence. From day one, you as the blog owner must think and develop different tactics that you will consistently be using to make sure that your mlm blog generate the traffic it required otherwise it will be impossible to sponsor people with your blog or sell your mlm products online.

Without traffic or anyone visiting your blog it is of no use having it at all since the primary aim is for you to get people visit your site from time to time through different sources in other for them to find out what you are doing. It just like one who set up an office to run a consultant service in the estate management industry. There must be some strategies you as the estate management consultant adopt on a consistent basis to promote your business in other to make your clients find you; so its it in running our mlm business online.

Therefore if you must sponsor people with your blog or have them to buy your products as well as giving them every other services you are running with your blog you must adopt some of these traffic generating techniques we are going to discourse below to make them find your mlm blog site. Most of them are free and at the same time may present some premium offers in other to boost your results.

The followings are some of the  traffic generating tips and platforms;

  • Posting ads on free classified site.

This is a good form of promoting our mlm blog. Free classified ads site is a good source of traffic. These are sites that people visit daily from different parts of the world looking for one information all the other. Therefore if you can position your self well with the right approach you can utilize this platform to generate traffic to you blog site.

All you just have to do is to be posting short ads with you blog link on these sites on a daily basis to make sure you get the right results. Some of them allow you to post as many times as possible on daily basis while some have restrictions.

Also try as much as possible to adhere to their terms in other not have your ads deleted on disapproved .Such ads should portray the services you are running with you blog and must be posted on the right categories. Some of these sites are topclassifieds, classifiedboard, mlmever and etc. Just google ‘Free Classified Ads Site’ you will find thousand of them. Some of them require you to register first while some do not all you just have to do is to post your ads there.

  • Using Social Media

This is another good platform to generate free traffic to you blog site if well utilize. Social media are platform like face book, tweeter, Google plus, Linked in, etc. It baffles me to see so many people doing all sort of useless things in the social media today.

They just come up on social medial to discourse things that can not add value to their lives such as how they wake up this morning to find one big rat under their beds, how their boyfriends and girl friends cheated on them, the kind of food they ate to bed, how they wake up purging, and how they went to the toilet thousand times and all kinds of craps. The same platform you can also find people making thousands of dollars day by day.

So what are you posting on your social medial walls? Start thinking wisely. If well utilize you can drive thousand of traffic to your blog site to subscribe to you blog posts. Believe me that when you continue to do this you will find people interested in what you are doing. Either they join your team or buy your products. Make sure you always find friends to add on daily basis to your friends list and this will continue to boost the traffic to your blog site.

  • Article Directories

Articles directories are another medium to utilize in terms of free traffic generation strategy. This is where people go to post articles and read other people articles on daily basis. All you just have to do is to covert some of you blog post to articles to make it easier for you, and then submit there.

Make sure your blog URL is included. Some of them will allow you to have some certain numbers of posts in your blog before you can utilize the platform while some do not have such restriction. So this is a good way to promote and generate traffic to you blog in other to have people visit your site. Some of the articles directories sites are; ehow.com, hubpages.com, freewebsitedirectory.com, articlebase.com,  etc.

  • List builders

These are sites that allow you to mail to groups of prospects on a pre -allowed frequency after you sign up with them. Though it is free but they do come up with premium offers that will enable you mail to more prospects from time to time, so you can grab those offers to increase your mailing frequency and number of lists to mail to. List builders are very good source of generating traffic to our blog sites in our mlm business and most of them will allow you to sign up free and start mailing.

The only problem I have with these is that you will get your email flooded with other people’s ads that can cause one to lose focus. This may not be too good for people who are least focus. Before signing up just make sure you have created a special email account for this purpose. The following are some the list building sites; Listadventure.com, tigersoloadsplus.com, pif43.com , etc.


  The following sites listed also allow you to share you blog content and links

  • Scrbd
  • Blogoola
  • Zemanta

So endeavor to visit these sites and utilize their services and you will get the right result.

These are the ways am promoting my blog site and  I believe that if you consistently adopt these traffic generating tips we have discoursed above you will find people visiting your blog site and therefore be able to sponsor people and sell your mlm product online with ease.

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How to Build Your MLM Business Online


After signing up with your mlm company, the questions comes How Do I Build My MLM Business Online? This is because the mlm business has changed. We no longer have time to run about the town looking for who to force into our team or buy our products or holding  meetings here and there. This is the time to work smart and if you must work smart you  have to consider building your mlm business using online method.

The advent of internet technologies have made mlm business more easier in the sense that mlm business has now become a home based business where one can just sit in the comfort of his home and connect to millions of people worldwide just with a laptop computer and internet connection. So building mlm business using online method shouldn’t  be a problem because they are many platforms to utilize online in doing this which we are going to discourse here.

They are many platforms to utilize to build your mlm business online, such as; blogging/websites , placing adverts on classified ad sites, using social media, group forums , article directories, etc. With any of these methods mlm business can be built online but the best proven method I highly recommend is by Blogging. Others ones can come after blogging or together to work with. Blogging should come first while other ones can be used to drive traffics to your blog site.

Now what is a blog/website for   when it comes to using it to build your mlm business online? I will just have to focus on blogging because it could be easier and economical when one is running on a tight budget since it is free compare to having a website.

Blog is a platform to express your self. It a place to meet people and also where people can meet you to find out what business you are doing so as to enable them get some information to help them build their businesses or buy your products as well as joining your business. It is also a valuable asset of your mlm business; if your company stopped tomorrow due to one reason or the other your blog site will not. It remains with you to continue with another company and it can also be monetized in many ways.

Therefore important of blogging can not be over emphasized if one is to build a successful online present in the mlm industry.

Building your MLM Business Using a Blog:

They are many free blog sites providers for one to utilize such as wordpress , blogerspot , weebly etc. Any of these can be very useful. If you must utilize any of these platforms you must take some times to go through there terms of service and content guides most especially when using wordpress. This will enable you know the rules and regulations in order not to have your blog site blocked by the blog administrators.

Blogging is very important and must be considered for anyone who desires to  succeed in mlm business faster. However I must be sincere to you that you must be dedicated and consistent in making sure your blog is doing fine. it take some time for your blog to give you the results you desire. You cannot  just start today and begin to see the results tomorrow. But within a short time you will begin to reap the results. Things to consider  to make sure your blog is running fine.

  • Make sure you consider the name of your blog to start with; the URL. It should find meaning to your mlm business; that is yourblogname.wordpress.com, yourblogname.blogerspot.com. Don’t just use anything, be creative.
  •  You have to continue to update your blog from time to time let say daily or three times in a week etc. Take your time to write  a good content. Read through it very well and edit before hitting the publish button. Don’t just post anything on your blog because you want to meet up your daily target or any plan you have laid out. Follow the plan that is convenient for you and take time to make sure you come out with something good for your readers and subscribers.
  • Make sure it has  good contents that is fully developed. This is one of the ways to make it rank well in search engine.
  • Consider the paragraphs in your post. Don’t let it be too long; break it down bit by bit to make it easier for readers to go through.
  • Make sure your language is understandable. Many people from different parts of the world will be visiting your site and every one has different levels of understanding. If you write using big words  they will not find it interesting. So be as simple as possible.
  •  Always make sure that your content goes together with the title of your post. The title of your post should be what you discourse to avoid readers getting confused on what you are talking about. You cannot title your post on one thing and discourse  another thing. This would lead to confusion.
  •  Make sure you write for your readers rather than writing for search engines. Most people always concentrate on writing to make sure that they are found by search engine. This does not depict a good blogmanship because it results to your readers not finding meaning to what you are talking about. This will cause them to look elsewhere to get what they are looking for.

The above are some of the tips to make sure your blog is running well, therefore must be consider in building your mlm business online.

Now that your blog is ready the most important thing to consider to make sure your truly build a successful online mlm should be How to Generate Traffic to your blog and build a good list of customers utilizing various online and also offline traffic generating techniques. This is because you cannot just set up a blog without anyone visiting it otherwise how  will  people get to join your team or buy your products?

So if people must join your team or buy your products you have to learn how to make them visit your site. Your need to learn how to generate traffics and this is the vital part of Building Your MLM business Online; this will be coming up soon stay tuned or subscribe to this blog by entering your email address to get update of my blog posts delivered to you.

We also appreciate your opinions on more ways   mlm business can be built online. So feel free to leave a comment on the comment box.

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The truth is that we cannot stop learning and no one  can proof to know it all. The day you stop learning is the day you start declining. When you declined you become obsolete or out dated. Then those who have acquired the knowledge which you have- not will have edge over you and do exploits.

So continuous  learning is essential in any field you are and mostly when you are venturing into a new field in life. You cannot do it all alone. You need a mentor, a guidance, an instructor to continuously put you in the right direction to become the leader you desire.  So it is in  Network Marketing.  That is one of the purposes of this blog.

We provide free online trainings and necessary materials needed to  people in Network Marketing to improve in their business and those who are new in the industry  in the following areas:

  • Prospecting
  • Sponsoring
  • Handling of Down lines
  • Product Selling
  • Blog Design
  • Generating Traffic
  • etc

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Why MLM? Must i choose MLM as a Choice of Business?


The question: why mlm? has to be given a holistic answer. Why do I have to do mlm business? Must I choose mlm as a choice of business? No! Every body can not. Though we all know that they are other business opportunities outside their one can do and become financially successful, yes.

Then why mlm? But hold on a bit because the answered to this question will be provided in a short while. Every one of us knows what it takes to start up and run at least a small-scale investment in our present economy of today. Let’s break it down in the following ways:

At least depending on the economic environment, it takes about $4000-$5000 for one to venture into a reasonable micro/cottage business or more. Raising this amount of money by the average man out there who may be dreaming of starting a business of his own will be a shamble. That is one.

Secondly if one is able to dig up this amount either by saving or borrowing from the bank considering the time it takes to save such amount and the bottle neck involve in taking loans from the bank, the paper works, collateral and the interest rate, one may have to change his mind. Is that just all? No.

What about other recurring expenditures and environmental factors such as

  • Rentage
  • Utility bills
  • Staffing and wages
  • Taxation
  • Government policies
  • Climate situation etc.

These are the reasons most people find it difficult to start a business of their own and even those who manage to get started never run average of one year before they lay down their tools.

 Now comes the question; Why MLM?

What of if they is another business that wouldn’t require all these hectic and bottle necks above that one  can just start with at least say; $50-$100 and within some short time of 1 to 2 years it plunges you into 6 to 7 figures income either part time or full time commitment, wouldn’t one consider it?

Think of some of the 7 to 10 figures earners in net work marketing, people like Randy, Todd Falcon, Dala Calvert, Jay Robasset and the rest, who also can be counted among the millionaires in the world today, they started with a little dollar to reach where they are today. If they can do it, you can also do it.

With mlm business you would not need to face the following problems.

  • Huge capital
  • Rentage
  • Staff and wages
  • Government policies
  • Climate situation(whether it is raining or sunning)
  • Hold up on the road to work.
  • Beeps of alarm clock to go to work
  • Wake up 5am to work till 8pm
  • Boss to report to and queries to answer
  • Retirement or being fire, etc

This is when mlm comes in. Network marketing  is a business that you can start with a little or no capital at all depending on the company and you beginning to make fortune and rake in the zenith of financial abundance and life style.

To my own opinion mlm is the best business for the average person for who is dreaming of attaining financial independence and do not have the  means of getting there or the connection. But be mindful that it is not a business of get rich quick. It is a business of discipline, dedication, commitment and persistence in order to reach your desire goals.

For you to make it you do not have to give up; that is the secret of succeeding in mlm, you have to keep on trying many ways and it will surely work. That is it. it take some time let say 1 to 2 years to begin to make serious income from mlm business depending on one’s commitment and dedication yet is the fastest business that will make one retire quick and rich. Then how?

Most of us or our parents who have been working for so many years earning salaries will tell you they have been on this and that job for 5, 7, 10, 20 to 30 years yet 1%   of %100 can point out tangible achievement. They spend their entire life working for somebody yet no achievement. Most of then retired tired and broke; even the take home retirement benefit is nothing to write home about.

I must categorically tell you that those numbers of years are too much for one who is serious to make it in Networking Marketing Industry. If therefore it  is a business that could make your attain your goals within this short period of say 1 to 2 years and one is free to say:  “bye to money worries” why not giving it all it takes rather than working for endless years for just a token.

A New Form of Network Marketing

Today network marketing business has taken a new dimension since the advent of internet technologies in the sense that mlm business has now become a home based business. With a press of button at the comfort of your home you can reach out to millions of people round the world who are looking for one products to buy or business opportunities to do.

So there is no more time to run around looking for people to join or carrying product from places to places to sell or begging family members and friends to buy or join and the entire problem faced when venturing into other forms of businesses. Internet has changed the who thing. That makes mlm business the cheapest business to venture for an average man today and make a fortune within the shortest possible period of time.

So the question of why mlm? will now be why have you not be mlming?

It is never too late you can start from here by joining my team while we put you in the right direction to help you build a long and everlasting financial freedom that your unborn generation will never struggle to get money. Make a decision that will change your life and you will never regret it.

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The Basic Tools for Building a Successful Online MLM are Here

We should know that online MLM business is like every other business out there you may know. To start up a business you need some basic tools to be put in place in order to run your business successfully.

With these basic tools in place you would be able to serve your customers needs and build a strong relationship with them that will make them to come time after time looking for you.

If these tools are not in place; when they come around to transact business with you or need some information from you without having the necessary materials available to cater for their needs they would just look for someone else who will give them what they want. This could cause you to lose your potential prospects who would have bought your products or join your team. So is it in building a MLM business online.

So what are the basic tools needed for your online MLM Business?

In cutting cost as a starter in online network marketing the following are some of the basic tools you needed to get your online MLM business run smoothly. Though they are some other ones but as a starter who may not have the much fund, the following should me considers as a major tools to start with.

  • Website/blog
  • Lead capture page
  • Auto responder


From your day one in online network marketing, the first tool you need to put in place is a website/blog. You may not have the money for website hosting therefore I suggest a free blog account. Whichever one, you can get a good result.

Though it is more professional to use a website or a hosted domain name but that could be done later when you have started making money with you blog account. Most visitors are not much after whether it is website or free blog account you are using; what matter most is the content of your blog and the believe they have in you that you can help them in solving they problems, those are the major things.

So the need to have a blog cannot be over emphasized. Your blog is like a workshop or an office people will always find you when they need your services or products. It is where you render your services, such as tips, trainings, your primary MLM business benefits and products for you visitors to see. It also contains your contacts for you customers to reach you when the need arises. Setting up one is not a big deal as this is one of the services we render here.

Leads Capture Page

Leads capture page is a kind of short web page or a static page which is not more that one that enable you get the contacts info of people seeking for products, services, information you have by entering their email address and phone numbers depending on how it is designed.

The front page is concise and carries attractive benefits that will lead the visitors to act by entering their details contact.

In other words it is   a kind of advertising campaign strategy. Instead of the leads just going through your entire website/blog to get what they are looking for you can just create a capture page and load it with useful information or products.

It could be loaded with free e-book or newsletter or training that will be mailed to them from time to time to enable them make choice at the appropriate time.

It could either be placed on your blog or a strategic location to get the target visitors you need for the services you provide.

Auto Responder:

An auto responder is a system that send automatic emails, news letter or campaign to customers on your behalf without you having to be present to do all the manual work that is involved to keeping your customers up to date on what you have to offer them.

It is attached together with the capture page so that as soon as the visitor opt in they begin to receive the information necessary to get what they are looking for even though you are at your home sleeping. That is the beauty of technology.

As you know doing your MLM business online involve you getting to meet many people globally coming in 24/7 looking for one information or the other. So you can not be there all the time to attend to them. The auto responder does the necessary explanations, steps by steps guides and follow up.

It also allows you to keep the list of your leads. Talking about network marketing, list building is paramount to the business. The number of list you keep determines a lot. Your list is your client. The more of leads determines more chances of people who will either buy your products or join your business.

Whether they are joining now or buying your product later in the future list building is important because from time to time you can always send messages to them to keep them closer to you.

The messages must have been preloaded into the auto responder campaign system and properly timed. The companies that provide the services are Awebber, Getresponse, Icontact etc, I prefer Awebber, I have been using their services and they have never failed me. It won’t cost you much to get this services just a token of some dollars every month like say $19, $10 depending on the company you are using you are set to go.

On a final note

You need a mentor and a guidance to put all these tools together to get you up and running. Those are part of the services will render. You can join our free online training for us to put you through in all you need to run a successful online MLM work at home business or subscribe to our blog to get more tips on tools for building your online MLM business.

Also what is your thought? Leave a comment on the comment box for what you think are the basic tools for online MLM business. you are welcome.


Online Mlm is The Best Way To Do Mlm


Going online mlm has become a common trend this days since the adventure of internet technology. This is because it has made mlm easier and convenient.

Online network marketing has now become a home based business. If we must work smart in this industry we should consider the way of online network marketing. The following reasons listed are the benefits internet technology has brought to this industry.

  • With a press of button one can connect to thousand of people who are looking for products or opportunities on the net.
  • Change they say is constant. Many businesses are going online day by day.
  • It is easier and has created a wider market range for the business.
  • Just from the comfort of your home you can sponsor any body round the world into your team.
  • It has become easier for training downlines and doing different presentations instead of running from one place to the other to hold meetings and seminars . One can sit at the comfort of his home and do the training necessary and every one have access to it no matter the part of the world you are.
  • when one is considering building a successful and faster mlm home based business online present should be taken as a priority.
  • It has helped to reduced the effects of direct rejection because people rejecting your opportunity and products are not directly in contact with you. The truth is that many run away from this industry because of this problem when doing mlm in the traditional way. Not many people can withstand the noes; so internet has made the business a fun.
  • Most of the people we are looking for in our mlm business are online.
  • Online population is increasing day by day. Consider the following statistical figure of people online released in the year 2014 by world statistics board:


Africa:                  1,125,721,038

Asia:                     3,996,408,007

Europe:                 825,802,657

Middle East:                  231,062,860

North America:    35,860,227

Latin America:     612,277,181

Autralia:               36,724,649

And this figures keep on increasing day by day because more people are coming in as they begin to embrace the importance of the internet technology. Therefore one has to position his or her self well to tap into this huge opportunity of market.

What We Should Know

We are no longer in the olden days method of chasing and dragging people to mlm seminars to join or pitching mlm opportunity or carrying products from place to place looking for buyers. This method is gradually dieing out. Therefore we have to position ourselves to embrace the new trend because it is the smart way to do the business. All we just have to do is to strategize by getting the necessary tools needed.

In conclusion

Even though the online method is good and easier way in doing network marketing you cannot just gamble into it otherwise you will get your fingers burnt. Therefore one has to look for expert in this line to guide him or her in order for things to be done properly.

If your want to be trained in online mlm in terms of sponsoring people online, follow up, online products selling, blogging, blog design and the rest join our online free mlm training by feeling the form below. No matter the network, we give our training free of charge here. Stain tune to this blog as we are going to bring you tips and tools in building a successful online mlm home based business.